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How to Request a Movie or TV Show

Do you have an awesome movie or TV show suggestion?  

We love hearing what you want to watch next.  Because of this, we have built a request button right into our search bar.  Search for your favorite title and select the blue request button to let us know you’re interested.
Although our search feature pulls information from all movies ever created, it doesn’t catch everything (and unfortunately it currently leaves out a lot of TV shows). If the movie or TV show you’re searching for doesn’t appear, please use our MOVIE REQUEST FORM (this form works for TV shows as well):

In about a week, your title should appear in our VidAngel Search feature so that you and others can start requesting it.

When your movie or TV show has 50 customer requests*, we will add it to our New Movie/TV Show queue.   We have about 5,000 requests right now, but only about 800 have met the criteria to get started.    More requests will push things to the top, so have your friends submit requests as well.   

Thank you for using VidAngel.  We are excited to see what else you request!


*In addition to customer requests there are other criteria for publishing.